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About the Austin Avenue Art Fair. Lifting up local artists and musicians.

Wendy Michelle Davis

Artist | Director & Curator

Lifting up Artists

is the aim of the Austin Avenue Art Fair. We seek to cultivate community and enrich our culture while supporting local artists and musicians. 

Art evokes something in us, often unexplainable, but also quite wonderful. An art piece can be a reflection of ourselves. When we have art in our lives, our lives are fuller, richer and better. 

October 2023 was the first, of hopefully many Austin Avenue Art Fairs.  An idea of Waco artist Wendy Michelle Davis. Wendy saw an opportunity to showcase artists in her city and decided to act. As a full time painter who is always looking for ways to show her work, she understands the need for artists to support artists, and how incredible it can be when we come together to share what we create.  

This art fair will be artists with their art displayed in booths, while local musicians are performing and local artists are creating. This year we are also excited to share that we will be adding a new experience called Art Walk of Waco (Art WOW), in which local businesses will be hosting artists who will be creating, displaying and selling their work. This will be Saturday (Nov 2nd) from 10 am-4 pm.  A delight for the senses! It's an event locals and visitors will not want to miss. We hope you can join us this fall.

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