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Artist Application (Currently Closed)

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Austin Avenue Art Fair. This application is specifically for artists who would like to apply for a booth space. We will be accepting in the categories of 2D artists (painting, printmaking, drawing) and ceramics/sculpting. This is for fine art, no AI art or craft products will be accepted. Please follow the guidelines below for application. (Look for spring dates for the application to open).

Please closely follow the application guidelines

Thanks for applying!

Additional Info:

Applicants, keep in mind,

The cost for a 10x10 foot booth space will be $250 and you will be required to pay the booth fee by the deadline to secure your spot.

You are required to supply your own booth walls.

You are required to handle your own sales and Texas sales tax.

This is a juried art fair, and each application will be evaluated by a panel of judges.

There will be a waiting list for a number of artists.

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